The Molecule Thief

The Molecule Thief

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Would you trap yourself in a deadly universe to save your loved ones?

All Spencer Newton wants is to fit in. He's always been the nerdy kid, cursed with not only being a genius, but also with ADHD. He's a magnet for harassment. And it seems impossible to avoid torment when the worst perpetrator isn't human, but a manipulative interdimensional being called The Molecule Thief.

As conflict between dimensions rise, the only solution the U.S. military sees is nuclear. That is, until this mysterious Molecule Thief offers Spencer an alternative to annihilation. But Spencer isn't sure if the Molecule Thief is real or all in his head. Can Spencer trust himself to save the world, or will his faith in the Molecule Thief cost him everyone he loves?


L.P. Styles writes science fiction, fantasy, and horror. With a limitless and sometimes twisted imagination, L.P. Styles gives readers quirky and inventive worlds to escape into.

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