Pansexual Flag Cube Enamel Pin
Pansexual Flag Cube Enamel Pin

Pansexual Flag Cube Enamel Pin

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The *Pansexual Pride FLAG CUBE* colours has been flipped by mistake! Proud Zebra is in the process of remanufacturing it but we will be continuing to sell these for now - only purchase if you are willing to accept the pins as they are in the photos!

Pansexuality is defined as having romantic/sexual attraction regardless of gender identity, or sex. Someone who is pansexual does not have preferences when it comes to their partner's gender or sexual identity.

A harmful myth that comes with pansexuality is that it is a subset of bisexuality. It is absolutely untrue. Bisexuality refers to someone who is attracted to 2 or more genders, whereas pansexuality refers to someone who does not have any gender preferences when it comes to romantic/sexual attraction.

Meaning of the colors in the Pansexual Flag.
Pink represents attraction to women.
Yellow represents attraction to non-binary people.
Blue represents attraction to men.


Dimension: 20mm x 17.5mm x 9mm (LxWxH)
Material: Black Nickel Plated Cloisonne Hard Enamel Metal
Backing: 2x Pinback with Rubber Clasp (Upgradable to deluxe locking clasp)

Stay Proud, Stay Happy!
- With Love from Proud Zebra


Interested in any of the flag cubes shown in the collage image? Let us know and we can order it for you!