Night of the Living Zed

Night of the Living Zed

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Three days in a haunted mansion full of secrets. Two intrepid investigators. And one chance to solve a generations-old mystery. Beloved monster enthusiast Zed Watson returns in this charming new adventure chock-full of illusions, spirits, haunted pasts and heartwarming friendships.

Zed and Gabe are back to their treasure-hunting, literary-sleuthing ways in this spooky new adventure!

After some lacklustre cases involving lost books and a missing pet, the two friends have finally come across a mystery worth their attention: the secrets of Glyndebourne Manor, haunted home of a late, great opera designer. Every twenty-five years, the Manor hosts a challenge. You have three days and two nights to solve the puzzles in each room before the stroke of midnight. If you leave, you forfeit the game. If you solve the puzzles in time, you win a huge pile of money.

Simple enough, thinks Zed. They and Gabe are interested in all things ghoulish. And if they win, they will be able to give their friends Sam and Jo the large wedding they deserve.

There's only one problem: no one has been able to stay in the house for more than a single night.

Cue a whirlwind of scary ghosts, moving walls and cryptic letters. The two friends are going to need some help. Which means figuring out who the mysterious figure holding a crowbar is. And how to get out of a room with no doors! But thanks to Zed's fearless enthusiasm and Gabe's encyclopedic knowledge of theatre, they might be able to survive and maybe even right some past wrongs.