Cheers! A History of Beer In Canada

Cheers! A History of Beer In Canada

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We like beer in Canada. We reallyreally like it. And it’s not just a fly-by-night, sordid little affair. We’re in it long term. We spend something like $8 billion a year on beer. From barley growers to label designers, more than 170,000 Canadians owe their full time jobs directly or indirectly to beer. The rest of us just do what we can to help.

In the long-awaited follow up to Notes on a Beermat, Pashley explores beer in Canada, covering many salient points, including chapters on

• Frère Ambroise, Who Started It All (Unless He Didn’t)

• Us Against Them: Canadians and Our Neighbours to the South

• When Canadians Knew Squat: The Stubby in Our Lives

• Beer: Isn’t It Bad for You and Bad for the Planet?

• Ale or Lager? East Is East and West Isn’t

• Barkeep! Gimme Another Light Dry Low-Carb Ice Beer with No Aftertaste

• Are You a Beer Geek? (There’s No Right Answer)

• The Future of Beer: Can I Afford to Drink Beer? (Can You Afford Not To?)

And much, much more!