Silk Beauty Sleep Eye Mask
Silk Beauty Sleep Eye Mask
Silk Beauty Sleep Eye Mask

Silk Beauty Sleep Eye Mask

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Good quality sleep is so valuable to feel and look your best self.  Not only do our silk eye masks offer beauty benefits, but also will help improve your sleep quality. By properly blocking out sunlight while helping you feel the soothing and cooling benefits of our eye masks.  Our Silk Eye Masks are made with 100% pure silk with a soft cushion resting on your delicate eyes and a stretchy scrunchie-like elastic band around your head also wrapped in silk.  We could go on for days about all the benefits, but lets just highlight on a few.  

Silk helps keep your skin's natural moisture, in comparison to cotton and polyester which soaks the moisture out. Proving that silk is the best textile to lay on your delicate skin all night long after applying your expensive nightly skin routine.  Using our silk you’ll notice your skin looking plumped and hydrated to start your day on the right foot.  Jenna, the owner of The Silk Labs has noticed she is using less concealer after nights with our silk eye masks because her under eyes look so hydrated and plump when she wakes up.  

  The skin around your eyes is arguably the most delicate skin you have. This skin is the first to show signs of aging, we know its scary, but don’t worry we are here to help.   Using our silk eye masks will help slow down crows feet and sagging eyelids, along with serious skin irritations such as eczema around the eyes.  

We are so excited for you to get to bed with us and we can’t wait to hear how much you LOVE this product.  

We recommend hand washing our Silk Eye masks along with steaming or ironing after for that perfect silky look.  

The better your treat your silk, the better it will treat you back.