The Fontaines

Married duo Ryan and Sara Fontaine are a musical force to be reckoned with. Sara and Ryan met while pursuing musical careers, Sara in theatre and vocal performance and Ryan as a bassist. Flash forward 11 years and they are married with two young daughters, Ava & Juliet.

Born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, Ryan is best known for his work as a versatile and multi-genre upright and electric bassist. In the early 90s he toured Canada with the Juno nominated Johnny Favourite Swing Orchestra before settling down and quickly becoming one of the area's most sought after live and session musicians.

Sara grew up in Tecumseh, Ontario and was compelled to sing from a very early age. Born into a large musical family she quickly learned to play flute, guitar and piano and went on to pursue music theatre and obtain her vocal degree from The University of Windsor. Sara is a well known vocalist in the Windsor area and still maintains her classical chops as well as singing theatre, pop and jazz.

Despite their eclectic musical careers Ryan and Sara waited almost 10 years to start making music as a duo. Their sound has been described as "folk with a modern twist" and they affectionately call every gig "date night". Sara's poignant and thoughtful lyrics and their masterful blend of vocal harmony and instrumentation make every performance truly unique.

Who knows where the next ten years might take them? They hope you'll still be listening!

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