Windsor Pizza & Windsor Pride!

Windsor Pizza & Windsor Pride!


Windsor pizza is more than just food, it's an identity!

The essential components of a Windsor pizza include shredded pepperoni and Galati mozzarella cheese. Shredded pepperoni allows greater surface area for pepperoni flavour spread evenly on top of the pie, and no sad pepperoni-free bites. Not much compares to the pizza mozzarella from Galati, made right here in Windsor on Tecumseh Road West. A Windsor pizza typically has crust that's on the thinner side, allowing the toppings and cheese to take centre stage, while having a crisp base that's often rolled in cornmeal. The other necessary toppings on a Windsor pizza are up for debate and personal preference is allowed, however my (Allie's) favourites include mushroom and green pepper. Sarah likes pepperoni, pineapple (we're still friends?) and mushroom, and Katie's go to choices are pepperoni, green pepper, and onions.

Serious question: which pizzeria is your favourite in Windsor?

Personally, I can't choose. I have a lot of favourites, though! In our family, both Arcata and Naples have been the pizza of choice for literally decades. The slightly spicy sauce that Naples serves up has a special place in our hearts. Another favourite is Terra Cotta Pizzeria, which has been serving up wood-oven pizza since 1998 in the downtown core, at 318 Pelissier Street. There's something special about thin crust wood-oven pizza, and not many do it better than Terra Cotta and Remo's Brick Oven Pizza, located inside the Caboto Club. Sarah loves Windsor Pizza and Rosa's Pizza, and Katie's favourites are Oven 360 , Capri Pizzeria, and Riviera Pizza & Spaghetti House. Feel free to share your favourites in the comments!

Pizza + YQG = ❤️ 

Since great pizza is synonymous with Windsor (YQG), we introduce the exclusive Windsor Pizza Luggage Tag, featuring a pizza icon drawn by myself and manufactured by N/A Stock Company here in Canada. When we originally created our YQG tags with N/A Stock Company, we featured a rose from Spotvin Design Co, to symbolize the Rose City. For the reasons listed above, we also love this pizza version and really feel it symbolizes Windsor! Maybe we should change our slogan to City of Pizza? 


Grab yourself a pizza tag or grab one for a friend who's left the city right here!

So, tell us - who has the best pizza in Windsor?







  • Shelley Kerr

    I’m a Windsor native that’s lived in 5 provinces, 6 different cities. There’s nothing like Windsor pizza.Capri is our favorite and we get it every time we are home at least once usually more.

  • Pat Scalia

    Antoninos has my vote. Windsor is historically known for great pizza. Your pizza tags are perfect

  • LInda

    What’s the acronym mean?

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