Welcoming 2020

Welcoming 2020

Thank you for your support!

On May 25, 2019 Whiskeyjack Boutique opened its doors, and the reception we have received from the community from day one has absolutely floored us. We wanted to bring something unique to the downtown core, a shop full of quality products sourced from across the country, so that visitors and locals alike could bring a piece of Canada home. We wanted to create a destination to draw people back to the core, to give our residents an option to shop local, support local, and love local. 

To date, our supporters have brought over 5000 pieces of Canada home.

From quirky candles to scrunchies to locally-made goods, your support has meant the world to Canadian-made vendors from Windsor and all across the country. Supporting our store means putting revenue back into the community and back into the pockets of small makers who work hard to make a living doing what they love most.

What we have accomplished would not have been possible without our customers and supporters. Whether you shared a post, viewed an Instagram story, sent our website to friends, came in to make a purchase or all of the above, we appreciate you. Thank YOU for making our dream a reality.

We have big plans for the new year, and hope you'll stay tuned as we continue to grow, collaborate, and expand our reach in the core of Windsor and beyond. It's our goal to foster an environment where entrepreneurs aren't afraid to take leaps, all while supporting our fellow makers, movers and shakers in the process. Thanks for a wonderful 2019, and we hope to see lots of you in 2020 and beyond!


With love from the nest,

Allie, Katie & Sarah


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