Tarot Sun and Moon Ornaments
Tarot Sun and Moon Ornaments

Tarot Sun and Moon Ornaments

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Set of 2 lasercut holiday ornaments inspired by the Sun and Moon tarot card imagery. Comes with black and white string to hang. Perfect for a holiday gift exchange or stocking stuffer. 

Ornaments are cut from 1/8" birch wood. Each individual ornament measures an approximately 3.5x3.5 inches. With packaging, measures  4 x 9 inches.


With a blade in hand, Light + Paper founder and artist Ali carves out teeny, tiny bits of paper with extreme precision to create an original piece of papercutting artwork. Once the original is created, it is scanned and digitally converted to be reproduced.  This item is designed and lasercut at our studio in Toronto, Canada. Learn more about Ali's process and story here.