Pride Rainbow Clay Enamel Pin
Pride Rainbow Clay Enamel Pin

Pride Rainbow Clay Enamel Pin

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Show off your true colours with this beautiful Pine + Navy polymer clay Pride rainbow enamel pin.

Michelle creates unique, one of a kind hand mixed colours for all her earring designs. She creates all colours by hand, hand rolls, shapes and cuts each piece.


Polymer Clay Jewellery Care

* Do not wear polymer clay while applying perfume or hairspray.

* Take care not to bend or drop polymer clay pieces.

* To clean polymer clay jewellery, wipe it off with a piece of soft fabric.  To remove makeup marks on your polymer clay, simply dampen a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol and gently wipe piece.

* Avoid using any solvents or commercial jewellery cleaning machines as they may damage the polymer clay.

* When not in use, store polymer clay jewellery in a box or a separate compartment. Sharp objects can scratch the clay surface.