Polyamory Flag Cube Enamel Pin
Polyamory Flag Cube Enamel Pin

Polyamory Flag Cube Enamel Pin

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Polyamory is a form of consensual non-monogamy. Consensual non-monogamy involves relationships consisting of more than 2 people, with the approval of everyone in the relationship.

It is a common misconception that polyamory people are cheating in their relationships. It isn't considered cheating because cheating involves deception and betrayal, whereas in a polyamory relationship everything should be communicated openly.

Meaning of the colors in the Polyamory Flag:
Blue stands for openness and honesty amongst all partners.
Red stands for love and passio.
Back represents solidarity with those who must hide their polyamorous relationships from the world.


Dimension: 20mm x 17.5mm x 9mm (LxWxH)
Material: Black Nickel Plated Cloisonne Hard Enamel Metal
Backing: 2x Pinback with Rubber Clasp (Upgradable to deluxe locking clasp)

Stay Proud, Stay Happy!
- With Love from Proud Zebra


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