Lesbian Flag Enamel Pin
Lesbian Flag Enamel Pin

Lesbian Flag Enamel Pin

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The traditional definition of the sexual orientation term Lesbian is "woman who attracted to only women". But with the evolving definition of term, it is also possible to identify as a non-binary lesbian.

The more inclusive definition of Lesbian is "a woman or woman-leaning non-binary person who is attracted to only women and women-leaning non-binary people."

The simplified 5-stripe flag encompasses the meaning of independence and community in the single orange band. Love, sex, and peace would be represented by the lighter pink band.


Dimension: 20mm x 17.5mm x 9mm (LxWxH)
Material: Black Nickel Plated Cloisonne Hard Enamel Metal
Backing: 2x Pinback with Rubber Clasp (Upgradable to deluxe locking clasp)

Stay Proud, Stay Happy!
- With Love from Proud Zebra


Interested in any of the flag cubes shown in the collage image? Let us know and we can order it for you!