Gourmet Sauce Sampler Gift Box

Gourmet Sauce Sampler Gift Box

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A lovely selection of gourmet sauces in a custom crafted wooden box, perfect for gifting! A sample size (60mL) of our three favourite flavours are included:

Creamy peppercorn whisky steak sauce

Salted caramel whisky dessert sauce

Sweet and spicy lemon glaze/marinade


Creamy peppercorn whisky steak sauce: Rich, thick sauce with the lingering heat of pepper.

Salted caramel whisky dessert sauce: Hints of toasted cream, a light touch of salt, with the smooth finish of Canadian whisky. Drizzle on waffles, ice cream, fresh fruit, fruit crisps and pies, chocolate cake, brownies, and lattes.

Sweet and spicy lemon glaze/marinade: Marinate seafood and poultry. Toss with pasta and stir-fries. Glaze roasted root vegetables. Drizzle on green beans, brassicas and asparagus.