Emilio Buenaventura - Colombia | Transcend Coffee
Emilio Buenaventura - Colombia | Transcend Coffee

Emilio Buenaventura - Colombia | Transcend Coffee

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  • Farm: El Plan Quinua
  • Municipality: Ancuya
  • Region: Nariño, Colombia
  • Farmer:Emilio Buenaventura Cundar Egas
  • Processing Method: Washed, dried on patio
  • Varieties: Castillo
  • Altitude: 1900 meters above sea level

The towns of Narino are dotted along the wavy Andean hillsides of the Colombian Altiplano. The mountainous terrain makes for long, slow drives up and down the hills that separate the towns. Many of the most prominent coffee growing towns are located around Galeras, an active volcano that has been designated as a Decade Volcano due to its frequent eruptions and proximity to populated areas.

Emilio Buenaventura’s Finca El Plan Quinua is located near the coffee-growing municipality of Ancuya. The town’s square is located at about 1300 meters above sea level while his farm is at 1900 meters. The steep hillsides give the coffee trees ample concentrated sunlight at peak hours and plenty of shade throughout the remainder of the day. Emilio and his wife Gloria farm their Castillo on one hectare of land. Their son Cristian helps out during harvest. Emilio’s brother Luis Arnulfo has a micro-mill which they make use of. After being de-pulped, the coffee is fermented for 12 hours before being dried on a cement patio for 6 days.

-Josh Hockin
Director of Coffee

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