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Chinga - 12 oz
Chinga - 12 oz
Transcend Coffee + Roastery

Chinga - 12 oz

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Crisp | Dried Cranberry | Cocoa

Whole bean roasted coffee. 

Coffee Info

  • Origin: Nyeri, Kenya
  • Process: Washed
  • Variety: SL28, SL 24, Ruiru 11, Batain
  • Altitude: 1750-1800 meters

This AB grade coffee comes from Othaya FCS’s Chinga mill. Named after a nearby dam, the mill receives cherries from nearly 800 farmers from the surrounding farmlands. This coffee exhibits so many of the flavours that Kenyan coffee is known for. There’s a fair amount of debate about where exactly these bright, berry and currant-like flavours come from, and it is likely that several factors are responsible. The varieties that are commercially grown here, such as SL 28, have been shown to exhibit some similarities in other countries. Kenyan coffees are often washed, fermented, then rewashed (double-washing) before being dried, which can produce coffees with more vibrancy. The soils are loamy and volcanic, full of the nutrients needed for growing high-quality coffee. All of these factors are what lend Kenyan coffee its unique qualities, which really haven’t been able to be replicated elsewhere.


Roasted in Edmonton, Alberta

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