Chance Coffee - Rwanda Muzo - Lot 27 12oz
Chance Coffee - Rwanda Muzo - Lot 27 12oz

Chance Coffee - Rwanda Muzo - Lot 27 12oz

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12 OZ

Whole Bean

Region: Gakenke District
Farm: 496 Smallholders delivering to Muzo Washing Station
Station Owner: Emmanuel Rusatira (Baho Coffee)
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1570 - 2100 MASL
Imported by Semilla Coffee

Muzo Washing Station is nestled into the crevices of rolling hills near the heart of Rwanda. This station is the smallest in the Baho collection, and is near and dear to Emmanuel as the source of some of his most beautiful coffees. Average temperatures here are higher and the rainfall is lower, with altitudes that top out at a soaring 2100masl. All of these factors likely play a part in the intensely sweet and tropical fruit flavoured coffees that come through the stations.

Gakenke district boasts multiple specialty grade washing stations, so producers here have options when it comes to deciding where they wish to drop their coffee off. Emmanuel pays prices in cherry that can be up to 80% over the national farmgate price set by the National Agricultural Export Board (NAEB) in order to incentivize producers to choose this station.

With only 496 producers bringing in cherry to this station, at an average of 3kg of cherry per tree over approximately 200 trees per farmer, the result is an annual production of exportable grade coffee that numbers under 300 bags.