Broken Porzelan

Broken Porzelan

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About the Book


Broken Porzelan chronicles one woman’s inspiring journey from a childhood in Yugoslavia to adulthood in America during an unforgettable time in history.

In her memoir Broken Porzelan, Katie Bering shares the touching story of how she overcame tremendous obstacles, first as a child living in Europe during World War II and later becoming a young adult living in Michigan.

Some fifty years later, Katie offers a glimpse into what life was like for a young girl—and victim of Hitler’s army— growing up in various parts of Europe and North America during and after World War II. Katie was born into a broken family, an event that subsequently propelled her into a lifelong search for completeness and perfection. When her beloved porcelain doll is accidentally broken when she is four, the image of the doll’s once perfect face—now tainted by cracks—continues to haunt Katie throughout her life. From her experiences growing up with a stern mother, who left her unfaithful husband and later married an abusive man, to her voyage as a teenager to live in America, Katie chronicles the poignant story of a shy, reserved girl who must learn to make her own difficult decisions about love.


About the Author

Katie Bering was born in Kikinda, Yugoslavia, and immigrated to America when she was fourteen. She now lives with her husband Bill on St. Joseph Island in Canada, where she enjoys painting, decorating, and photography. They have two children and five grandchildren. This is her first book.