Asexual Flag Enamel Pin

Asexual Flag Enamel Pin

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Someone who identifies as being asexual or "aces" experiences little to no sexual attraction to others. This does not mean that asexuals are not capable of having sex. It is important to note that sexual attraction is different from sexual desire.

Asexuality exists on a spectrum referred to as "a-spec". Some identities that fall under this umbrella include asexual, aromantic, grey-ace, demisexual, queerplatonic, reciprosexual, akoisexual, aceflux, aro-ace and more!

Meaning of the colors in the Asexual Flag:
Black represents asexuality.
Grey represents the grey-asexuality (area between sexual and asexual), and demisexuality.
White represents non-asexual partners and allies.
Purple represents community.


Dimension: 20mm x 17.5mm x 9mm (LxWxH)
Material: Black Nickel Plated Cloisonne Hard Enamel Metal
Backing: 2x Pinback with Rubber Clasp (Upgradable to deluxe locking clasp)

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