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A carefully curated selection of products Made in Canada, with a special focus on unique and thoughtful gifts. Bring a piece of Canada home.

What is a whiskeyjack?

Whiskeyjack is a nickname for the Canada Jay, which is a bird found in every territory and province within Canada. It is also a friendly and smart bird who chooses not to migrate in the winter, and braves the Canadian cold better than most of us! The name whiskeyjack came from the Indigenous for Wisakedjak, who was a known trickster in Anishinaabe legends. Known to be quite clever and friendly, the Canada Jay is the only bird with a name rooted in Indigenous culture, and for these reasons above this species was named by National Geographic as Canada's National Bird. This is why we chose this cute fella as the face of our cute shop full of Canadian-made goods!

Products you will love to gift.

We've been told in the past we're pretty good at giving gifts, so we did the thinking for you. In our store, you'll find adorable handmade cards, beautiful and unique jewelry, locally made pottery, quirky candles, Canada's best bath bombs, and some of the best Windsor and Canadian-themed souvenirs in the city.

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